Metapolis and Urban Life


Two Day Workshop held at UbiComp 2005

10-11th September 2005
Tokyo, Japan

48 hours, 100 ideas, walk, watch, sketch, collect, discover, uncover, map, spy, follow, trace, shadow, deception, intrigue, mystery, karaoke, don't miss out...last chance to participate in forming our future urban life...

The Metapolis and Urban Life workshop at UbiComp seeks to include a range of practitioners exploring urban projects for which the urban is not merely a palimpsest of our desires but an active participant in their formation. From dynamic architectural skins to composite sky portraits to walking in someone else's shoes to geocaches of urban lore to hybrid games with a global audience, position papers for the Metapolis and Urban Life workshop should transform the “new” technologies of mobile and pervasive computing, ubiquitous networks, smart materials and locative media into experiences that matter.

Full Metapolis and Urban Life Proceedings (38MB PDF)


Eric Paulos ~~ Intel Research Berkeley
Ken Anderson ~~ Intel PaPR
Michele Chang ~~ Intel PaPR
Anthony Burke ~~ UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, Architecture
Tom Jenkins ~~ Royal College of Art

also pre-workshop support from Mamie Rheingold and local Tokyo support from Tomo Uchiyama


Names in bold denote individuals that participated in the two-day workshop in Tokyo

Amanda Williams
Johanna Brewer
Distributed Displays, Infrastructure, and Empowerment
Alison Sant
Ryan Shaw
Trace: Mapping the Emerging Urban Landscape
Mitchell Moss
Sarah Kaufman
Anthony Townsend
Telecommunications and Sustainability
Tom Nicolai
Nils Behrens
Swarm Intelligence for Urban Computing
Henrik Hautop Lund
Carsten Jessen
Karin Müller
Thomas Klitbo
Urban Playware: Intelligent Technology for Children’s Play
Eyal Fried
Gal Gaon
Initiating an Urban Co-Evolution: Injecting Ubiquitous Computation into the Rejuvenating Tel-Aviv
Yasmine Abbas Parasites?
Jean Olivier Caron
Yoshihiro Kawahara
Hiroyuki Morikawa
Tomonori Aoyama
Groupanizer: A Method to Enhance Groupware Application Using Multi-Users Position Prediction
Ava Fatah gen. Schieck Urban Environments as Medium of Communication
Eiko Yoneki Evolution of Ubiquitous Computing with Sensor Networks in Urban Environments
Beatriz da Costa
Jamie Schulte
Brooke Singer
Hua Si
Yoshihiro Kawahara
Hisashi Kurasawa
Hiroyuki Morikawa
Tomonori Aoyama
A Context-aware Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Real World Oriented Content Delivery Service
Frank Lantz
Kevin Slavin
Superstar: A Photo-based Big Game Designed for Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo
Jeremy Hight Reading the City: Ubiquitous Computing and Spatial Resonance
Karmen Franinovic
Yon Visell
Modulating Urban Atmospheres: Opportunity, Flow and Adaptation
Lia Bulaong How I Learned to Stop Worrying and to Share (Almost Everything)
Ame Elliot Representations for Understanding Inhabitation in Physical + Digital Spaces
Quentin Jones
Starr Roxanne Hiltz
Enhancing Urban Community Enclaves with P3-Systems
Toyin Adepoju Navigating Spaces of Consciousness: A Dialogue
Jang Ook Rhee  



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