We realize that it is not possible for all of you to make a visit to San Jose before making your submission to the Interactive City theme at ISEA 2006 + Zero One San Jose Festival.  Below we have included many links to information about the festival and San Jose that we hope will be helpful in inspiring and focusing your submission.  We cannot guarantee to answer all of your questions but please feel free to contact us if you find issues unaddressed below and we will make every effort to include them for you.

To clarify there are four basic components to the Interactive City:

(1) The Interactive City themed projects this call covers including those already accepted.  These projects will be featured in and around San Jose during the festival

(2) Panels, talks, positional, and theoretical papers and presentations as part of the festival conference track (see official Symposium Call).  These are the talks, panels, etc that span all areas and themes at ISEA at large. The symposium seeks papers and presentation proposals responding to the Symposium themes of Transvergence, Interactive City, Community Domain or Pacific Rim. This is the only call for papers and presentations that there will be for ISEA2006.

(3) Special Interactive City Pre-Conference event to be held 7-8 August in San Francisco, CA.  Details for submissions and participation to follow shortly.  This is a special two day event to be held before ISEA officially begins and will feature discussions, events, and panels specific to the Interactive City Theme.

(4) Workshops which should be submitted to the general workshop track at ISEA

  Map of WiFi Coverage for main Festival Area

  Map of main Festival Area and selected event locations








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