Street Talk

An Urban Computing Happening

Friday 16 July 2004

9:00am - 5:00pm
Intel Research Berkeley

Urban After
6:30 pm - ???
Rx Gallery

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We expect to have a balanced participation and discussion among all attendees of Street Talk.  However, to guide and disrupt our views of urban computing we have invited several individuals to provide challenging topics for the event. Each will present a rapid fire 10 minute talk/performance.

Click on the film canister icon to view the slides from each speaker's talk.





0900 0930

Coffee and Check in



0930 0940


Eric Paulos

Intel Research Berkeley

0940 1030

Reports from the Field


Ben Hooker

Royal College of Art


Margot Jacobs

PLAY | Interactive Institute


Dennis Crowley



John Canny

BiD / CS (UCB)


Michele Chang

Intel PaPR

1030 1040




1040 1130

City As Open Source





Howard Rheingold

Smart Mobs



Arup Gupta

Intel Consumer Electronics Group



Christina Ray

Glowlab / One Block Radius


Anthony Townsend

NYU Taub Urban Research Center



Jane McGonigal

Performance Studies (UCB)

1130 1215

Breakout Session 1



1215 0100

Breakout Report Backs



0100 0140




0140 0230

Urban Situations





Cassidy Curtis

Graffiti Archeology Project


Jack Napier

Billboard Liberation Front



Melora Zaner-Godsey

Microsoft Research


Anne Galloway

Carleton University


Anthony Burke

Architecture (UCB)

0230 0240




0240 0330

Lost and Found





Anthony LaMarca

Intel Research Seattle


Ken Anderson

Intel PaPR



Greg Niemeyer

Art Practice (UCB)


Paul Dourish



Peter Lunenfeld

Art Center College of Design

0330 0415

Breakout Session 2



0415 0500

Breakout Report Backs



0500 0530

Concluding Remarks: Converge? Diverge? 

0555 0620

BART Adventure to Rx



0630 ????

Urban After Event at Rx in San Francisco 

Eric Paulos         Intel Research Berkeley

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