Urban Atmospheres

Proactive archeology
of our urban landscapes
and emerging technology

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Urban Atmospheres is influenced by many concepts and related projects.  A brief list is collected below in random order.  We encourage those interested in such Urban Computing research topics to explore these inspirational projects.


Urban Screens (September 2005)

In The Line of Flight (June 2005)

Life in the Urban Landscape (May 2005)


Urban Tapestries Urban Research Initiative at NYU
Mobile Bristol Global Urban Research Unit (GURU)
Locustworld Research and Place and Space
Neighbourhood Markup Language Flaneur

Annotate Space

GiMoDig Fiasco
Consume Can you See Me Now?
GeoNotes Uncle Roy All Around You
34 North 118 West Locative
Headmap Smart Mobs


Graffiti Archaeology
Parkbenchtv Billboard Liberation Front
Geograffiti Situationist International
OpenGIS Consortium Dodgeball Social
Urban Public Space Interaction elements Train Doors (Familiar Strangers on Trains)
CitiTag SoundWalk
psy.geo Conflux One Block Radius
Shrinking Cities Research on Place and Space
Encounter Bubbles Loss
Urban Challenge
Yellow Arrow
red | blue
Every Bus Stop in Surrey BC
Urban Archives at U Washington
Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative (AUDC)

Eric Paulos         Intel Research Berkeley

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