Urban Atmospheres

Proactive archeology
of our urban landscapes
and emerging technology

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These projects reflect individual and collaborative Urban Computing work across multiple groups at Intel Research and UC Berkeley.

Citizen Science
Enabling Participatory Urbanism


On-the-Go Air Quality Readings delivered to your mobile device

d   Participatory Urbanism
Empowering citizens to collectively author, share, and remix measurments from their environment
  Objects of Wonderment
Something wonderful is coming to your city
x   Hullabaloo
Creating place based ringtones
  Urban Score
Measuring your relationship with the city
x   AnyPhone
Designing mobile phone applications
for any phone
Visualizing personal patterns across the invisible geography of cell-towers
Ephemeral anonymous interactions about feelings of urban love and hate
  Exurban Noir
Designing for the darker side or urban life
RFID tags and tessellated serfaces generate vidual group dynamics
  Metapolis and Urban Life
Workshop at UbiComp 2005
Deconstructing urban traces
  UbiComp in the
Urban Frontier

Workshop at UbiComp 2004 
  Urban Probes
Interventions in Urban Life
Visualzing your Urban Familiar Strangers

Street Talk
An Urban Computing Happening

  Familiar Strangers
Intel Research Berkeley
  Asphalt Games
Intel Research PaPR

Eric Paulos         Intel Research Berkeley

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